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Majority In Poll Want To Close Kansas Income Tax Exemption

401(K) 2012, flickr Creative Commons

Sixty-one percent of Kansans surveyed by Fort Hays State University want the new Legislature to close the LLC tax exemption.

Exempting 330,000 small businesses and farmers from state income tax has been the centerpiece of Gov. Sam Brownback’s economic plan.

But Rep. Russ Jennings, a Republican from Lakin, who says he’ll be running for speaker when lawmakers convene in January, says he’s for putting those businesses back on the tax rolls.

“Continuation of business exemption for state income tax is not likely in the cards. So that will likely be changed," Jennings says. "How that looks in the end, we really don’t know until the process occurs.”

Jennings was speaking on the political podcast Statehouse Blend. In the Fort Hays survey released Sunday, Kansans were split on raising taxes or cutting spending to balance the state budget.

Sam covers education for KCUR and the Kansas News Service. Before joining the station in August 2014 he covered health and education for KCPT.