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Campaign Finance Reports Show How Close Kansas Legislative Races Are

Hugo Phan
KMUW/File photo

Later today we’ll have an indication of just how close some key legislative races in Kansas are. As elections partner Sam Zeff reports, campaign finance reports are due.

You certainly can’t tell who’s going to win by looking at campaign finance reports, but you can certainly tell which races might be close.

A KCUR analysis after the primary found ten competitive state Senate races and 20 competitive House races. In many, but not all, how much money a challenger had on hand decided whether or not the race was competitive.

Many will be looking at the reports to see if the challengers were able to keep the money coming in. Also, with conservatives taking a beating in the primary, did donors abandon conservative Republicans?

And in races in Johnson County, Lawrence and Wichita, observers will be trying to figure out who paid for three negative push polls.