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President Obama Speaks At KU

President Obama spoke on the University of Kansas campus on Thursday, Jan.22nd. KMUW's Aileen LeBlanc has more . . .

With the State of the Union still on the top of his mind, President Obama seemed to be at home in the red state of Kansas.

"As you know, my mom was born in Wichita, her mom grew up in Augusta, her father was from El Dorado -- so I'm a Kansas guy," he says.

Obama reiterated many of the points from Tuesday's speech about the economics of the middle class, including affordable child care, free community college for two years and a higher minimum wage. He also said that the upper one percent should pay their share.

"We have lobbyists that have fixed the tax code that lets some corporations pay nothing while others are paying full freight," the president says.

Watch the speech below:


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