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Taking The Political Temperature

Aileen LeBlanc

Kansas Association of Broadcasters Conference

"I'll vote. I'm still on the fence about the Democratic candidate, but I won't vote Republican in the governor's race. In the senate race I will vote Republican, yes. Roberts has been in there a long time, but he's got a lot of seniority in DC. An independent being there...he's not going to have a voice." - KAB Debate Attendee

"I think everybody is looking for change right now and something better --more communication between the parties. So I think, whoever is in  -- has a good change of getting outed." - KAB Debate Attendee

Credit Carla Eckels

Rock The Vote

"(Pat Roberts) is nothing but the party line...We need somebody up there that’s going to vote for America and do what’s right for America, not for the Republican party or the Democratic party." - "Rock The Vote" volunteer

Credit Abigail Wilson

Wichita Area Economic Outlook Conference

"I am pretty much a political neutral. I'm all about leadership. I want good leaders to be elected whether they be Democrat, Republican or Independent,  I think that's what the political system needs more than anything:  less partisanship and more quality leadership." - Wichita Area Economic Outlook Conference attendee

"I’m really sick of seeing Kansas being the butt of a lot of jokes and getting on the news for things that aren't exactly progressive or good things. I don't like to see Kansas being the model for bad behavior and bad policy." Wichita Area Economic Outlook Conference attendee