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Marlene Ryan

Marlene Ryan

Customer Service | Volunteer Coordinator

Marlene Ryan has been a volunteer extraordinaire at KMUW since the early 1990s, and now we're actually paying her for the newly minted position of customer service. On any given day she will greet you with a warm smile whether it’s on the phone or as you step into the station.

As a native Wichitan, Marlene has extensive experience in the medical and spa industries in the customer service arena before joining the KMUW family. 

Outside work hours you may find her volunteering at the Historic Orpheum, where she was honored as Volunteer of the Year a few years ago. And she has an affinity for downtown Wichita, which began when her father had a business downtown. You might also find her hiking the great state of Kansas and beyond.

Marlene enjoys listening to Planet Money and How I Built This, but is particularly proud of our locally produced musical programs with Soulsations leading the pack. She is an enthusiast of the big screen and music of all genres.

And she tells us can dance, adding: "Try to stop me."

Marlene can be reached by email at ryan@kmuw.org.