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What to do with all those relatives?


Are you wondering what to do with all those relatives visiting for the holidays? Or maybe you're tired of fighting the crowds to see the latest blockbuster and you just want to relax, have fun, a laugh, and maybe even a drink or two. It's even possible that you need a break from all this sweetness and light to enjoy a tart, refreshing dip into absurdity. Well, never fear, gentle listener; Roxy's Downtown and Mosley Street Melodrama have some options for you.


The wry comedy of Dave Sedaris is onstage at Roxy's Downtown in a production of “The Santaland Diaries,” based on his recollection of working as a Christmas elf for Macy's department store. NPR listeners probably remember that this one-man show is based on the essay that Sedaris wrote and performed for Morning Edition in 1992. This production stars Brian Stone, and there is one more performance on December 22. Also at Roxy's until December 26 is “American Trailer Park Christmas Musical.”

Mosley Street Melodrama offers original shows from local talents. “I Got Botox for Christmas or O' Come All Ye Facefull,” is written and directed by Tom Frye; the musical comedy revue that follows, “Mistletoe Madness,” was conceived and directed by Patty Reeder, with musical direction by Karla Burns. The production runs through December 30.

Wishing you all good health and happiness in the coming year.