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Maysa's New Single "Lovin' You Is Easy"

Courtesy maysa.com

Sunday, September 6

This Sunday on Soulsations, hear a new single by the Grammy-nominated artist Maysa. Based in Baltimore, the jazz and soul singer/songwriter has sang back-up in Stevie Wonder's vocal group Wonderlove. She's celebrating her 25th year as a solo artist with a new single titled "Lovin' You Is Easy."

Maysa has also created her very own record label, Blue Velvet Soul Records, where she is working on a new album. "I am so proud to release this album myself and for the first time in my life I will own my masters, so I will do everything in my power to make this album my masterpiece," Maysa states on her website.

"It will be soulful, spiritual, danceable and sensual."

Here's the official lyric video for "Lovin' You Is Easy" from Maysa's upcoming album, Music For Your Soul