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Peru And Highlife Specials With Kila And World Birthdays

Monday, July 27

It’s a potpourri of sounds from around the globe this time in the Global Village, including music from Paul Simon’s Graceland, exotica from the Arthur Lyman Group, Okinawa’s Shoukichi Kina, Monty Alexander’s Ivory & Steel Caribbean band, German reggae from Jahcoustix, and some Balkan sounds by way of Montreal from Briga.

Tuesday, July 28

Global Village celebrates Peruvian Independence Day with a wide array of styles and artists from that country – including traditional music from Sukay, Incan princess Yma Sumac, original and contemporary chicha music, great vocalists Chabuca Granda, Susana Baca and Eva Ayllon, contemporary band Novalima, and Afro-Peruvian jazz from Geoffrey Keezer.

Wednesday, July 29

Global Village highlights highlife – one of the popular styles to emerge particularly from Ghana and Nigeria that fused African, Cuban and big band influences into a lively and danceable sound. The show focuses on some of the greats in highlife – including E.T. Mensah and Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe, along with Fela’s early highlife band, and Marcus Miller’s world fusion take on “Hylife.”

Thursday, July 30

Global Village highlights an array of Latin sounds, including Latin psychedelia from Joe Cuba, Latin soul from percussion great Mongo Santamaria, Latin jazz from the Miles Español album in tribute to Miles Davis, Latin ska from the pioneering Skatalites, and Latin rock from both ‘70s Belgian artist Nico Gomez and Santana.

Friday, July 31

Global Village celebrates birthdays of world-jazz pianist Michael Wolff and eclectic harmonica player Howard Levy (including an early rarity with the Balkan Rhythm Band). There’s also a final visit with July featured artists Kila (this time something different with music they did for a production based on the story of "The Monkey King"), plus music from Canada’s Red Chamber Chinese music ensemble, and new releases from Tipsy Oxcart, and Paquito D’Rivera with Quinteto Cimarron.