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Jane Bunnett Special, King Sunny’s Birthday And “Classical World”

Monday September 22

Global Village celebrates the birthday of Nigerian star King Sunny Ade with music from one of his early international classics (Synchro System) and one of his later projects (Seven Degrees North) – plus a tribute to both Gerald Wilson and Joe Sample, and new music from Ricardo Lemvo, Peliroja, and the Friends from Rio Project.

Tuesday September 23

Global Village explores the “classical world” - the meeting of classical and world musics – in selections from Dan Willis’s Satie Project II, the Kronos Quartet in Central Asia, and Bach performed by both Brazilian guitarist Baden Powell and Spanish piper Carlos Nuñez.

Wednesday September 24

Global Village marks the birthdays of percussionist Jack Costanzo and trombonist Wayne Henderson of the Crusaders. We also pay tribute to Joe Sample of the Crusaders, who recently passed away, with music he did with Hugh Masekela and Phil Upchurch. Plus new music from Jane Bunnett and her new Cuban ensemble, Maqueque, and reggae veterans Third World, and more from Fania Records for the September feature, this time from Ray Barretto’s classic, Indestructible.

Thursday September 25

Global Village journeys to South Africa for music from the acclaimed township group, the Mahotella Queens, popular singer-songwriter Vusi Mahlasehla, and second-generation reggae group O’Yaba. Plus music from the Caribbean-inspired Kobo Town, Niger’s Tal National, and Ebo Taylor’s 1980 classic, Conflict.

Friday September 26

Special: In a special edition of the show, Global Village welcomes Canadian soprano saxophone and flute player, composer, Juno Award winner, and recipient of the Order of Canada, Jane Bunnett. In a series of groundbreaking recordings, Bunnett has worked with some of the most dynamic musicians in Cuba and explored an often unknown variety of styles from across the country, from the folkloric to the contemporary. Bunnett delves into the history of the music, the artists she found, and the distinctive and inventive music she created with them. Selections from her many Cuban projects are also featured. 

Chris Heim produces and hosts Global Village, a nationally and internationally distributed world music show; the nightly jazz show Night Train, and Crossroads, KMUW’s twice-weekly blues and R&B show. Chris is also a critic and freelance writer whose work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Utne, Global Rhythm, Dirty Linen, and Option, among others.