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Six-word essays have been a mainstay of public radio for awhile. Now, we want to harness your creative power to amplify our pledge drive message and to bring a little more cash into the station, courtesy of Armstrong Chamberlin aka @ACAdAgency

How it works:

1. Write a six-word essay about why you donate to KMUW.

2. Tweet it using hashtag #IsupportKMUW.

3. Boom. Armstrong Chamberlin will donate $1 to KMUW.

4. Enjoy your warm feeling of a job well done.

5. Hope like heck you were clever enough to have it read on air.

Tweets about "#pledgeKMUW"


If you're extraordinarily creative, make a six-second video using Vine, tweet it with hashtag #IsupportKMUW and Armstrong Chamberlin will donate $2 to KMUW. The best ones will be featured here.