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Into It: The Worst Of Super Nintendo


Super Nintendo changed the gaming world, but not always for the better.

The 16-bit gaming boom took over the early nineties. It gave us classics like Super Mario World, but it also emboldened marketers to dream up spin-offs. In these crossovers, the best parts about pop stars, TV shows, and movies were often abandoned. The result was a string of glitchy maps and questionable plot.

Ren & Stimpy was an interestingly grotesque Nicktunes show that translated into a cluttered mess on Super Nintendo. Just listen to Ren jump around on bookshelves and dining room tables to get a sense of the mind-numbing gameplay.


Wanye’s World relied on the idea that fans would get a kick out of hearing their favorite catch phrases. Again and again. That’s about all that happens in this repetitive maze of speakers, electrical hazards, and angry instruments.


Shaq Fu is my favorite, perhaps because its fun to watch its attempts at plot try and fail. The premise is that Shaquille O’Neal, killing time before a charity game in Tokyo, stumbles into a Kung Fu dojo. The old man inside calls him “big warrior” and says there’s no time to explain, but that Shaq should enter a portal into another dimension. Nice guy that he is, he says sure and winds up fighting random creeps to rescue a boy from a mummy. The lack of variety and slow controls lead many critics to dub it the worst SNES game ever made.