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Obesity And Diabetes Rates High In Kansas And Missouri


Almost one in every three adults in Kansas and Missouri is not just overweight, but obese, according to a new report from two non-profit organizations. Heartland Health Monitor's Bryan Thompson has more.

The report notes that obesity rates nationwide have stabilized—but at a level that's much too high.

Kansas is one of five states that actually saw an increase in obesity. Both Kansas and Missouri were among the eight states where rates of Type II diabetes—which is linked to obesity—increased.

Diabetes rates have been steadily increasing for 20 years, and have doubled over that time period in Kansas. The same is true in Missouri, except for a one-year drop in 2013.

The report says the key to reversing these trends is to prevent children from becoming overweight. It suggests a range of policies to promote better nutrition, and more physical activity.

The analysis was done by the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It's based on data from a nationwide phone survey conducted by the CDC.