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Bike Month Profile: Aaron North

Bike repairman Aaron North says he has his job at Bicycle Pedaler because of a telephone pole.

During college, Aaron worked at Wal-Mart and spent some of his free time volunteering with the Kansas Rails-to-Trails Project. Volunteers with the project clean up abandoned railroad corridors and turn them into bike and pedestrian trails, in cooperation with the railroads that own the land. Aaron says when Bicycle Pedaler owner Ruth Holliday saw him trying to remove an errant telephone pole--by himself--on his first outing with the group, she decided he was the kind of person she wanted around her shop.

Aaron says he became a "bike nut" back when he assembled bikes for his job at Wal-Mart, but he didn't realize he could repair bicycles for a living until Ruth offered him a job at Bicycle Pedaler.

In his profile below, Aaron talks about his job, and some changes he's noticed in the industry over the past few years.

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