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Concealed Carry License Applications Continue To Decline

The Kansas Attorney General’s office said that applications for concealed carry licenses continue to decline.

About 4,900 new license applications were submitted to the state Concealed Carry Licensing Unit in the 2018 fiscal year. That’s the lowest total since the licensing program began in 2006.

The Personal and Family Protection Act, enacted in 2015, allows eligible individuals over age 21 in Kansas to carry a concealed weapon without a license.

Although they are no longer required, more than 85,000 Kansans have active concealed carry licenses. Kansas licenses are currently recognized in about 40 states.

"Many Kansans continue to recognize the benefits of obtaining a license, including our reciprocity agreements with other states," Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt said in a statement this week. "We continue to work with other states to ensure Kansas licenses are recognized."

Ascha Lee is an intern with KMUW's Engagement team and the News Lab. Follow her on Twitter @AschaLee.