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Governor Brownback Considering Kansas Budget Bill

Stephen Koranda
KPR/File photo

Gov. Sam Brownback has until Sunday to take action on the Kansas budget approved by lawmakers. His decisions could prompt action on the ceremonial last day of the legislative session.

It’s likely Brownback will sign the budget, but he can block specific items with his line item veto power. Lawmakers also have the power to override those decisions with a two-thirds vote.

Democratic Sen. Anthony Hensley says some line item vetoes could draw override attempts. Those would come on the ceremonial last day of the session, which is Monday.

“If he decides to go in, particularly in the area of social services, and he line item vetoes those items, then it’s entirely possible we would override those vetoes,” Hensley says.

It’s not yet clear what, if anything, Brownback might veto in the budget. He so far hasn’t spoken publicly about any items he opposes.

He did block the tax bill needed to fund the budget, but lawmakers overrode that so the tax increases will take effect.