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Kansas Senators Cancel Tax Debate

Stephen Koranda
KPR/File photo

Kansas senators canceled the debate on a tax plan Tuesday after support for the proposal started to evaporate. Senate leaders say Gov. Sam Brownback indicated he would veto the plan to raise income taxes, and they didn’t have enough votes for an override.

Conservative Republican Sen. Gene Suellentrop opposed the plan because he says it would have raised taxes too much and wouldn’t get rid of tax increases put in place in recent years.

“They’re not rolling back the 1 cent sales tax. They’re not rolling back the alcohol tax. They’re not rolling back the tobacco tax. They’re not rolling back any other taxes,” Suellentrop says.

Democrats said they also would not support the bill. Sen. Anthony Hensley says it wouldn’t raise enough money to close the state's budget gap and add more money for schools.

“This doesn’t even come close to being a long-term fix," Hensley says. "By a long-term fix, [I mean] we have to take into account some very important priorities."

Senate President Susan Wagle says the Legislature will be going back to the drawing board and lawmakers should plan to work over the weekend.