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Kansas Hits More Pessimistic Tax Projections In November

Stephen Koranda
KPR/File photo

A report released Thursday shows Kansas revenues last month narrowly beat the state's new, more pessimistic estimate.

Kansas tax collections in November met the estimate almost exactly on the dot.

The state collected $1.4 million more than expected. The AP reports the state had expected to collect $399.9 million in taxes in November and collected $401.3 million, a surplus of 0.3 percent. That’s not a huge surprise, as this is the first revenue report since the estimate was lowered a few weeks ago.

The state had been consistently coming up short in recent months, missing the mark 10 of the past 12 months, which led officials to lower the forecast. The extra revenue puts a very small dent in the budget deficit for the current fiscal year, which is right around $350 million.