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Brownback And Others Not Ruling Out Tax Increase To Balance The Kansas Budget

Stephen Koranda
KPR/File photo
Gov. Sam Brownback speaks to reporters at the Statehouse Monday.

Some high-ranking Republicans have said tax policy is on the table as lawmakers work to eliminate a state budget deficit. But as Stephen Koranda reports, they aren’t endorsing a tax increase.

Senate President Susan Wagle previously said all options for Kansas budget balancing are up for consideration.

This week, Gov. Sam Brownback said he’s not ruling anything out when it comes to the budget. But Brownback pushed for the tax cuts, and he is not saying he likes the idea of modifying them.

He points to sagging industries such as agriculture and oil and gas, which are important in the rural parts of Kansas.

“We’re in a rural recession, and I think it would be very harmful if you’re looking at raising a lot of taxes on people in the middle of a rural recession,” Brownback says.

The state’s tax policy has been a major issue in many legislative races. Democrats and some Republicans say the state should reconsider the tax cuts. Brownback says the tax changes have spurred economic growth.