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Local Lawmakers Talk School Funding Ahead Of Special Session

Democratic Rep. Jim Ward, right, and Republican Rep. Chuch Weber.

As Kansas legislators prepared to head back to Topeka for a special session, KMUW's Aileen LeBlanc sat down with two local lawmakers to talk about the subject of the session: school funding.   

Here's what Democratic Rep. Jim Ward, District 86, says:

"The best [proposal] is the one the governor read from the Supreme Court decision…which is, you have to put 38 million more dollars into the equity formula to balance out the very low-wealth property districts with the high-wealth property districts. I think there’s some consensus to do that."

And here's Republican Rep. Chuck Weber, District 85:

"What we keep hearing about is a $38 million fix that will get us through this particular crisis that’s been created by the Supreme Court, and then we can start discussing this again in January."

Listen to the full interviews here:


Aileen LeBlanc is news director at KMUW. Follow her on Twitter @Aileen_LeBlanc.

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