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New Revenue Numbers Could Impact Kansas Highway Projects

Doug Kerr
Flickr Creative Commons

The new Kansas revenue forecast, set to be released next week, could ultimately affect Kansas highways and bridges as well as the crews who build and maintain them.

It’s widely expected the state’s revenue projection will be lowered. Bob Totten, with the Kansas Contractors Association, says there's a chance additional money could be taken from the highway fund to help fill the budget gap.

“We might see $50 million taken away after the revenue estimates are released April 20th. It could go a little higher than that,” Totten says.

The Kansas Department of Transportation had moved some building projects ahead on the construction schedule to this spring, but the improvements were then delayed to at least May to see how the new revenue numbers shape up. Mike King is the secretary of KDOT.

“We were just looking at the long-term money situation for us. That is one of the reasons,” King says.

A state revenue estimating committee will meet next week to update the forecasts for state tax collections.