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Brownback Declares October “Zombie Preparedness Month” In Kansas

Stephen Koranda

Gov. Sam Brownback has proclaimed October as “Zombie Preparedness Month.” That not-so-serious name is aimed at getting people to think about a serious topic.

Brownback stood next to 15-year-old Faith Tucking, who was decked out in bloody zombie makeup, as he signed the proclamation Wednesday. The idea behind “Zombie Preparedness Month” in Kansas is an eye-catching way to think about emergencies. The supplies needed to survive a zombie attack will actually benefit you in other emergencies.

“Preparedness is important and that’s what we’re trying to get people paying attention to, to get ready for any natural disaster. If you’re prepared for zombies, you’re prepared for anything,” Brownback says.

State officials say the first step is to get enough food, water and other needed supplies to last for 72 hours. It’s also a good idea to get CPR training and prepare an emergency kit for vehicles.