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Uber Urges Brownback To Veto Bill Increasing Regulation

Jason Tester Guerrilla Futures, flickr Creative Commons

The Ride-hailing company Uber says it will be forced to pull out of Kansas if the governor signs a bill increasing regulations on its drivers.

Both chambers passed the bill Thursday.

The Legislature's email server was rendered temporarily inoperable Tuesday by a deluge of protest emails from the company's users, who want Uber to stay in Kansas.

The bill would require some drivers for Uber and other ride-hailing companies to have broader insurance.

It would also require the drivers to undergo background checks through the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

Uber spokeswoman Lauren Altmin says both requirements are onerous for Uber because it is primarily a technology company and shouldn't be expected to bear the same responsibilities as taxi companies.

Five states have already passed legislation regulating companies like Uber, and 35 others have measures pending.