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Wichita City Council Moves Forward With Animal Control Advisory Board

Terrah, flickr Creative Commons

The Wichita City Council is moving forward with an Animal Control Advisory Board, which would report to the police department and city council members.

The proposed advisory board would consist of nine members, including a representative from the city, a licensed veterinarian, and residents.

Wichita Police Captain Doug Nolte says aggressive dogs are a big problem, and that the city’s animal control system could use help in addressing those concerns.

Number of reported bites investigated by Wichita Animal Control:

  • 2014: 777 dog, 259 cat, 69 “other”
  • 2013: 786 dog, 215 cat, 52 “other”
  • 2012: 837 dog, 176 cat, 29 “other”

Notle says an advisory board would raise awareness and bring complaints before the city council.
“Our desire is to bring the community into this discussion, to allow them to give input and get animal control where it needs to be,” he says.

The advisory board would review and provide recommendations on city ordinances, hold neighborhood meetings, and distribute information about spaying and neutering pets, according to Nolte.

The advisory board will need final approval by the Wichita City Council.