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Legislative Committee Preps For School Funding Issues

A special committee of the Kansas Legislature spent Wednesday learning about how the state funds schools and hearing details on past lawsuits concerning school spending.

The two-day education committee meeting is aimed at prepping lawmakers for what could be lengthy work on the issue of school finance next year.

Arkansas City Republican Representative Kasha Kelley heads the committee. She said that, depending on the outcome of a case before the Kansas Supreme Court, legislators might have to consider revising how schools are funded.

“We can continue to put more money into the formula and maybe that’s right and maybe that’s wrong. I don’t think anybody in here has a clear answer. But how that money is directed is what is critical,” Kelley said.

Last month the state Supreme Court heard arguments in a case over how much Kansas spends on its schools. A decision could come later this year.

Major discussions about education spending are expected when lawmakers return to the Statehouse in January.