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Kansas Voter Registrations Can Be On Hold For Years

As Kansas election officials deal with prospective voters who've not yet complied with a proof-of-citizenship law, hundreds of registrations have remained on hold for more than a year for other reasons.

A computer analysis by the Associated Press of state data suggests that registrations being put on hold now over the proof-of-citizenship requirement could remain in limbo as next year's elections approach.

Those registrations have ballooned to more than 21,500 since the law took effect in January, requiring new voters to produce papers proving their U.S. citizenship when registering to vote.

The AP used an open records request to obtain the statewide list of registrations on hold as of Friday. Some 3,500 pre-date this year's proof-of-citizenship law. More than 2,500 - almost 12 percent - are more than a year old.