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Brownback Signs Drug Testing Bill

Gov. Sam Brownback has signed a bill into law that allows drug testing for people receiving some types of state assistance or unemployment payments.

Brownback called drug use a “scourge” in Kansas.

People receiving certain assistance payments could be tested if there’s suspicion they’re using drugs. If they test positive, they would have to complete drug treatment and job training.

If they don’t comply, they lose benefits. A second positive test would mean losing benefits for at least a year. Gov. Brownback says the goal of the bill is fighting drug use in Kansas.

“What this effort is about is an attempt to get ahead of it," says Brownback. "And instead of ignoring the problem, is to start treating the problem.”

People receiving unemployment payments who fail a drug screening would also have to complete drug treatment and job training.

The bill also includes state legislators in the list of state employees who could be tested for drugs if there’s reasonable suspicion.