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Bill Allowing Concealed Guns In Public Buildings Advances

A Kansas legislative committee has advanced a bill that would expand the number of public buildings in which concealed weapons are allowed.

The House Federal and State Affairs Committee sent the legislation to the full House for debate. The measure also eliminates the possibility of being criminally charged if a person accidentally brings a legally carried concealed weapon into a building where concealed carry is forbidden. Representative Larry Campbell, a Republican from Olathe, proposed the change.

"What should happen is, if you walk in, you forgot you had your weapon on you and somebody notices, they can say, 'hey, would you please leave?' Concealed carry folks are going to go, 'oh, I forgot,' and immediately walk out and it's not a misdemeanor," Campbell said.

An amendment that would have allowed universities to exempt themselves permanently from the bill failed. As it currently stands, universities could still forbid carrying concealed weapons during the next four years.