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Global Learning Center Of Wichita To Host Climate Change Series

mcdarius, flickr Creative Commons

The Global Learning Center of Wichita is hosting a series of talks this weekend about climate change and its threat to the world’s water and food supplies.

The nonprofit has been around since 1988 and is focused on presenting issues that affect people both in Kansas and around the world. The organization’s latest series of speakers will narrow in on climate change and what it’s doing to the world’s water and food supplies.

Walt Chappell is a former Kansas Board of Education member who has led renewable energy and water relief efforts in numerous countries. He will talk about what Kansans can do to both conserve and produce their own drinking water, such as using a solar still.

“It is a very simple concept of letting sunlight shine through glass, which evaporates water in a basin,” Chappell says. “You then collect clean, disease-free water, and be able to drink it.”

Chappell says the persistent threat of severe droughts in Kansas should have many people concerned about the state’s long-term water supplies.

He will also cover how drought and a limited supply of fresh water can affect food production.

Jim Phillips, a retired lawyer who now teaches English and citizenship at the Wichita Indochinese Center, will also speak. He will cover water rights in foreign countries.

The program will be held on Sunday, April 10, at 7 p.m. at Olive Tree Banquet and Catering.


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