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Energy and Environment

Brownback Tries To Help Families And Businesses During National Propane Shortage

Governor Sam Brownback wants to help families that use propane for home heating, in light of the national propane shortage.

Industry and state officials say bitter cold, supply line problems, and high propane demands for grain drying have led to the shortage.

Governor Brownback has eased trucking regulations on propane.

Brownback has also asked Department for Children and Families to give priority to propane users in a state program that assists poor families with utility costs.

Yesterday, the governor and the state fire marshal asked Kansans who are running low on propane to not try unsafe alternate heating methods.

"There is a temptation sometimes to do almost anything to stay warm," Gov. Brownback said. Some of those things, like using a stove to keep warm or hooking a small five gallon propane tank to your house is dangerous. It can cost lives."

The national average price for propane spiked recently--up over a dollar to more than $4 a gallon.

About 83,000 Kansas homes use propane for heat.