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Head Of Wichita Public Schools Optimistic After School Funding Ruling

Abigail Beckman
USD 259 Superintendent John Allison gives a statement on Thursday's school funding ruling as board member Lynn Rogers looks on.

The superintendent of Wichita Public Schools says it's impossible to know the immediate impact of Thursday's Kansas Supreme Court ruling that the state is not adequately funding its public schools. Still, the district says the ruling is a good thing for students here and across the state.

Outgoing superintendent John Allison said at a press conference that the state of Kansas is in a significant financial hole that has been "predominantly self-created." Over the next two budget cycles lawmakers will have to find nearly $1 billion to fill the deficit, and try to adequately fund education at the same time.

Allison said Kansas kids have been "shortchanged" for almost 10 years.

"Look at the quality that Kansas is still able to provide its students in education," he said. "It's not where we want it to be, but we've been able to tread water, so to speak, and the idea of what we'll be able to do moving forward is very exciting for the students we have now and the ones that will be joining us shortly."

The court gave the Legislature until June 30 to address the state’s public education financing system. Lawmakers worked during their last session to fix funding equities.


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