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Regents Approve Tuition Increases For Kansas Universities


Tuition costs for university students in Kansas will be going up in the fall. The Kansas Board of Regents has approved increases of up to 6 percent for undergraduate, in-state tuition.

The universities in Kansas say the increases are justified by state budget cuts, rising costs and the need to retain and attract staff. Board of Regents Chair Shane Bangerter has concerns about universities staying competitive in the state’s tough budget situation.

“When I look at the numbers, we’re just staying even. When I’m running a business, if I’m staying even I’m dying. To me, that’s not a very good position,” Bangerter says.

Credit http://kansasregents.org

Regent Ann Brandau-Murguia has some concerns about the increases. She thinks rising tuition is making college less accessible.

“I just didn’t hear a lot of concern from anyone about what this will do for accessibility for some of the poorest people in Kansas,” Brandau-Murguia says.

Most of the schools raised their proposed tuition increases after Governor Brownback cut their budgets more than expected.