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Kansas House And Senate Committees Approve School Funding Plan

Stephen Koranda
KPR/File photo

Committees in the Kansas House and Senate have advanced school funding plans designed to address a state Supreme Court order. The court told lawmakers to fix unconstitutional funding disparities between districts, or public schools would be closed this fall.

These new proposals redistribute funding and add a small amount of money to make sure no district loses overall state support.

Republican Senator Ty Masterson likes the plan because he believes it satisfies the court and will keep schools open. Masterson hopes a proposal can pass both chambers this week, before lawmakers take a month-long break.

“The main benefit is time for the schools and, quite frankly, for the courts. If they wish to opine on it prior to our return then we have one more opportunity to respond,” Masterson says.

Critics say this latest plan just shuffles around existing funds and won’t fix the problem.

The full Senate and House could consider the bills on Thursday.