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Regents Preparing To Implement Gun Law Despite Concerns

Hugo Phan
KMUW/File photo

The board that governs state universities in Kansas is preparing to implement a controversial gun law despite growing concerns by some students and faculty.

Some prominent professors have gone public in recent weeks with their opposition to the gun law. But Kansas Board of Regents Chairman Shane Bangerter doesn’t expect what appears to be growing opposition to prompt legislators to re-think the law.

“The initial bill was passed with overwhelming majorities in both houses and so I don’t anticipate there being any substantial changes," Bangerter says. "If there are, of course we can adjust our policy accordingly.”

The law allows universities to remain gun-free until July of 2017. After that, they can continue to prohibit guns in buildings with adequate security, but generally must allow the carry of concealed handguns everywhere else.

The Regents are working on a system-wide policy but want each university to write their own rules for implementing the law. And they want to review and approve those rules this summer so that the schools have a full year to make changes and to inform students and faculty about them.