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KU Senate To Consider Responses To Campus Racism Claims

J. Schafer
Kansas Public Radio/File photo

The governing body that represents all University of Kansas faculty, staff and students will be considering how to respond to claims of racism and discrimination at KU. As KPR’s Stephen Koranda reports, the University Senate Executive Committee will look at changes to make the campus more inclusive.

Michael Williams, a journalism professor at KU and president of the University Senate, says they take the concerns over racism and discrimination seriously. At the meeting, they’ll be ready to hear suggestions from student and faculty, and they’re going to be making some suggestions of their own.

“We’re going to be putting stuff out on the table and talking about the kinds of things that we can do in rapid response and things that can be put into play that will have a longer-term effect,” Williams says.

The University Senate helps draft KU policies. Williams says possible changes could include modifying rights and responsibilities for faculty and staff or even updating the sanctions for violating the rules.