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KS House Abandons Reconsideration Of Block Grants Bill

Stephen Koranda
Kansas Public Radio/File photo

Last week, House lawmakers narrowly passed a controversial bill that would scrap the current school funding system in Kansas and replace it with block grants. Some opponents of that plan had been hoping for a do-over on the vote, but as Stephen Koranda reports, the chamber’s rules shut down that possibility.

Some critics of the bill had hinted they would try to reconsider the funding formula vote on Monday. That would give them a second crack at the issue. But it became clear the chamber’s rules would block the move, so the idea was abandoned.

The bill has already moved into the hands of the state Senate, which could vote to simply agree to the House version of the plan as soon as Monday. That would send the legislation to Governor Sam Brownback for consideration. He’s likely to sign it into law.