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Regents Social Media Policy Drawing Criticism

A new social media policy passed by the Kansas Board of Regents is drawing fire.

Statements or posts that would violate the policy include comments that are judged not to be in the best interest of a state university or that interfere with the operations of Board of Regents schools.

Some teaching faculty in Kansas, along with national higher education organizations, have condemned the new policy. The American Association of University Professors is calling it a "gross violation" of academic freedom.

Fred Logan is the chairman of the Kansas Board of Regents. When the policy was passed, Logan said the Board's discussion of the issue would be ongoing.

“That will be part of a continuing conversation that may take place over the next several months, over the next year. This kind of policy is going to start a conversation, and it should,” Logan said.

Logan said the policy is crafted to address statements that courts would consider First Amendment exceptions. He called it narrowly drawn to protect First Amendment rights, but also said that the policy points out that employees have a responsibility to their employer.