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KU Joins Technology Service To Give Faculty, Students Wireless Access Abroad

KU has connected Eduroam, a service that allows faculty and students to log onto a wireless network at any other participating research or education institution. Conversely, visitors from Eduroam partner institutions can connect to KU's wireless network.

Eduroam started Europe and now boasts 6,000 member organizations in 58 countries, including 78 institutions in the U.S. KU is one of only a few schools in the Midwest using the service.

Eduroam is based on secure encryption and authentication standards. It uses the wireless networks of participating institutions to offer a more secure alternative to public Wi-Fi hot spots.

Kansas faculty who travel for research say the service is valuable when they are at universities or research labs that guard their secure networks closely.

There is no cost to join Eduroam, either for institutions or for users.