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Revenue Shortfall Has Legislators Worried

Ervins Strauhmanis, flickr Creative Commons

Kansas tax revenues came in almost $75 million below expectations for May. The shortfall once again puts the state budget in the red.

Legislators have grown used to the tax revenue missing projections in recent years.

But the shortfall announced Wednesday was big enough to give them pause as they gathered for the ceremonial last day of session. The state Department of Revenue reported $469.5 million in tax collections, missing the projected $544 million by about 14 percent.

Several lawmakers expressed concerns about additional budget cuts Gov. Sam Brownback will have to make to get the state through the current fiscal year, which ends next month. Some also said the continued budget problems should spur changes to the income tax cuts Brownback spearheaded in 2012.

The next chance to do that will be next year, unless lawmakers are called back for a special session to deal with the Kansas Supreme Court’s school finance ruling.