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Wichita Police Introduce Service Dog To Comfort Victims Of Crimes

Courtesy Wichita Police Department
Laddy the yellow lab poses for his portrait.

The Wichita Police Department has introduced a “facility dog” to help bring a calming atmosphere to victims of crimes. Laddy the yellow lab has already been in service for a week.

The Wichita Police Department reported more than 2,300 incidents of violent crime last year. They hope that Laddy, as well as his human partner, Michele Blunck, can provide a bit of relief to those affected by such crime. The two are part of the Victims Assistance Unit, which administers emotional, cognitive and physical support for victims.

Laddy comes from the Kansas Specialty Dog Service free of charge; the city did have to pay a $25 application fee. Laddy and Michele Blunck meet with crime victims after the initial incident, and also see them through the court proceedings.

Blunck says that facility dogs are effective in reducing anxiety and tension.

“They offer comfort in a way that people can’t," she said at a briefing Wednesday. "They’re silent. They’re non-judgmental. They don’t care where you come from, what color you are, where you’ve been—they’re just there for you.”

Laddy received two years of training from the Kansas Specialty Dog Service. He’s the first facility dog in Kansas.


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