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Firm To Appeal Wolf Creek Whisteblower Case

An engineering firm wants to appeal a decision by federal regulators.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration--or OSHA--found in favor of a whistleblower at Wolf Creek Plant in Burlington, Kan.

OSHA found the engineer was fired for reporting unsafe working conditions at the nuclear plant.

Georgia-based Enercon Services owns the Wolf Creek plant. OSHA says Enercon violated whistleblower protections when it retaliated against an employee for raising concerns during construction work.

OSHA acting regional administrator Marcia Drumm said in a news release Monday that professionals in the nuclear power industry have a right and responsibility to report safety-related concerns.

Enercon says it welcomes the opportunity for a full hearing to establish the firing was for legitimate reasons and not for reporting safety concerns.

The company provides engineering support services to nuclear plants nationwide.