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Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade In Delano To Serve As Early Parking Test For New Stadium


The Delano District will host its 14th annual St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday.

More than 100 local businesses, groups, organizations and community members will participate in the parade, which starts at noon at Douglas and McLean.

Shops, restaurants and pubs on Douglas will also host events on the day of the parade. Events include:

  • An Irish celebration featuring performances by the Delano Chamber orchestra, choir and jazz orchestra following the parade at West Side Baptist Church
  • An After Party featuring free food, drinks and games at New Covenant United Methodist Church
  • Drink specials all day at the Shamrock Lounge

With the parade and numerous events in the Delano District, parking may become a concern.
Parade organizers like Cameron Lawrence say they are valuing safety over parking.

“We just please request that people don’t try to park anywhere on Douglas from Walnut to McLean so that we can make it as safe of an environment,” Lawrence said.

Parked cars on the parade route slow it down and cause the participants to crowd together, he said.

According to the city, there are more than 9,000 parking spots in downtown, Old Town, Douglas Design District and Delano. Parade organizers say there will be satellite parking in the area that will have the Q-Line trolley transporting people to the parade site.

Lawrence said Saturday will serve as the first real test as to whether or not parking in the downtown area can handle the large crowds expected when the new baseball stadium opens next month. He said city officials will be watching.

“They do check in and see what the numbers were like, what were the problem points if there were any and where were the congestion areas at,” Lawrence said.

More information about the parade and parking is available at delanostpatparade.com.

David Garcia is an intern in the KMUW News Lab.