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Renovated Homeless Shelter Ready Just In Time For Winter

Mya Acosta
The Inn, a homeless shelter run by HumanKind Ministries, has completed a major renovation.

HumanKind Ministries has completed renovations on its homeless shelter, increasing the capacity for homeless individuals.

HumanKind, formerly InterFaith Ministries, hosted an open house Monday to showcase the remodel.

The renovations include new flooring and ceilings. The entire shelter in downtown Wichita also was repainted and deep cleaned.

Credit Mya Acosta/KMUW
The renovation at the The Inn included new flooring and ceilings.

The remodeling also created more space for clients, allowing the shelter to sleep up to 60 people.

LaTasha St. Arnault, president and CEO of HumanKind Ministries, says the renovations were completed just in time for the winter months.

“This facility is always at 100 percent capacity,” St. Arnault says, “We just want to open our doors to everyone.”

In addition to increased capacity at “The Inn,” HumanKind also houses people at two emergency winter shelters it operates to protect the homeless from harsh winter weather.

Regular intake for The Inn will resume Wednesday and the emergency shelters will open Friday.

HumanKind Ministries also runs Operation Holiday, an event that provides basic necessities and holiday needs to low-income individuals.

Mya Acosta is an intern in the KMUW News Lab..