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00000179-cdc6-d978-adfd-cfc6d79d0000Friends and family of the late Tanya Tandoc hosted a memorial celebration for the Wichita chef and frequent KMUW commentator.The recording of "Tanya Tandoc: A Celebration of Life" which took place Thursday, June 11, at the Wichita Orpheum Theatre can be played here.

KMUW Remembers Tanya Tandoc


Tanya Tandoc came into the KMUW studios every other week for five years, and she slipped over the partition from commentator to family member right away—with everybody.

KMUW staff members who knew her best remember Tanya, and social media posts from the community...

Credit KMUW

“She’s one of those kinds of people who would get really intimate with you really quickly. She’d grab you for a hug, she’d share a really colorful story, she’d want to know you right away, and I just loved that about her."-Morning Edition host Kate Clause, who helped produce Tanya's food reviews and recipes

“She said the things that she would have said to you if you were just sitting in a room chatting with her. She might have used a few more curse words if you were sitting in a room chatting with her than we let her use on the radio, but she knew how to write in a way that made it sound like she was just talking to you."-Fletcher Powell, production manager and All Things Considered host

"She had recorded a little bit and that's how I actually met her personally. ... When it came up that we were considering doing a food review of some sort, to me there was only one person in town that would be on the top of that list, and that was Tanya." -Jon Cyphers, director of engineering

"I said, 'Hey I got this idea. Hear me out.' I think I got through one sentence and she said yes. Just like that."-Lu Stevens, director of content

"I know that she and Wayne weren't together anymore, but they're those people that are forever in my mind just that maybe because of that time that I knew them in and the spirit that they had. Together they will always be linked to me."-Jedd Beaudoin, host/producer of Strange Currency

Community members and fellow business owners in Wichita took to social media to remember Tanya as well.