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City Manager Says Wichita On Track To Equip Police With Body Cameras

Matt Lehrer, flickr Creative Commons

The city held a briefing yesterday to update the community about several issues covered in an earlier assessment of the Wichita Police Department, including the use of body cameras. KMUW's Aileen LeBlanc has more.

City Manager Robert Layton said that the city is on track to get and put in use body cameras for more than 300 Wichita police officers by early fall.

He said that the policy for the use of the cameras and the data is almost complete.

"That'll include all kinds of issues, in terms of when the cameras should be on, when they should be off; what we're doing with the data; how it's going to be stored," Layton said. "Chain of custody, so to speak, in terms of the videos."

Layton said that there is a touchy issue about how and when the video might be provided to the public.

The search for the new police chief is also on track. Applications for the position are due to the consultant by June 12.