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Wichita Entrepreneurs: Charles McAfee

Wynn Ponder

Charles McAfee had no doubt about his talent, and he believed that his ability would transcend the prejudice of the day. The bias he encountered did not stop him from pursuing his dreams.

Listen to the story of McAfee’s incredible tenacity and success, told by KMUW News Director, Aileen LeBlanc. Listen here:

And click here to see video – slides and more.

“Wichita has been a center for entrepreneurship from its earliest days,” says Dr. Jay Price, chair of the department of history at Wichita State University. The city has seen the creation and growth of a remarkable range of businesses, from the cattle trade to the development of aviation and small businesses. Whether these entrepreneurs launched national companies or founded local establishments, they left a legacy because of their willingness to take risks, stand out, and try something new.”