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Kansas Will Stop Using Federal Grants To Sign People Up For Food Stamps

The Kansas Department for Children and Families will stop using federal grants to help low-income residents sign up for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP.

"We simply do not believe taxpayer dollars should be used to recruit people to be on welfare," said DCF spokeswoman Theresa Freed.

The federal program had awarded grants to five groups across Kansas, to help low-income residents apply for SNAP funds.  The state notified the groups of the change on September 30, one day before the grants were to be renewed.

Catholic Social Services in Dodge City was to receive about $14,500 in grant funds. CSS Director Debbie Snapp said most people who receive food assistance in southwest Kansas are employed at low-wage jobs and use the assistance temporarily.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Food bank in Wichita is losing about $13,800 in funds.

"The majority of people are working, or they are single moms with small children," said Snapp. "In recent years, we've seen a lot more families come in. If you are hungry, you need help."

Nearly 320,000 Kansas residents receive food stamps, and about half of them are children. 

Kansas joins South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming in declining the funds for program outreach.