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Tips For Keeping Safe From Holiday Fires

Lisa Dusseault

The Wichita Fire Department reminds residents to be aware of potential fire hazards with Christmas trees and decorative lighting during this holiday season. Last week, a candle fire in south Wichita damaged a home and claimed the life of a family pet.

Bob Thompson is the Wichita Fire Department's Chief Prevention Officer, he says the candle was burning too close to a Christmas tree.

"As a result, the tree was ignited by the candle, the family was displaced and they lost a pet," he says.

Typically, shorts in electrical lights, open flames from candles, matches or lighters start Christmas tree fires.

Thompson says there are several fire safety tips to remember during the holidays.

"Don't leave home with candles still burning, never put wrapping paper in a fireplace consider, recycling the wrapping paper to reduce the waste," he says.

"Christmas trees, keep the base of the tree the container that the tree is sitting in, if it's a live tree, keep it watered. Also, don't overload electrical outlets."

The Fire Department recommends not linking more three strands of lights together and to plug them into a power-strip if possible.