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Visioneering Announces ‘Priority Project’ To Improve Region

Briana O'Higgins

Visioneering Wichita Monday announced the launch of a new initiative created to determine priorities for community improvement and development.

The initiative is called “The Priority Project” and is a partnership between Visioneering, Young Professionals of Wichita, and Wichita Downtown Development Corporation.

The three collaborated after Mayor Carl Brewer and then Sedgwick County Commission Chair Dave Unruh issued a challenge in late 2011 to reinvigorate the Visioneering plan and identify areas of need to keep south central Kansas thriving and attractive to people and businesses.

To identify those areas The Priority Project is asking for community input through an online survey.

The survey is based off of a recent study conducted by Visioneering Wichita. The study determined priorities in three categories – Things to do, Places to work and People.

Priorities include developing Arkansas River recreation, increasing internship opportunities for young people, and diversifying the local economy.

Current Sedgwick County Commission Chair, Tim Norton says just like businesses, the region must work to stay competitive.

“We’re in a battle for jobs, we’re in a battle for economic value, we’re in a battle with other cities, other states,” says Horton.

“And truthfully, we’re in a battle globally for jobs in our community.”

The online survey will be available until July 15 . After its completion additional input will be solicited on the top three priorities identified through the survey.

The collaborating group will then work with private and public sector partners to financially and logistically see the priorities through to completion.

Take the survey at Visioneeringwichita.org