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UPDATE: Dillons To Close Two Under-Performing Grocery Stores Later This Month


Updated on 07/08/2014 

Two Dillons grocery stores in Wichita that have been open since the 1960's will close this month. KMUW’s Abigail Wilson reports....

A Dillons store near 13th and Woodlawn and another at Harry and Broadway will shut their doors July 19.

Spokeswoman Sheila Lowrie says the location of the two stores makes it impossible to increase their size. She says this limits what the stores can offer customers when compared to other sites-- such as the Dillons at 37th and Woodlawn.

"Customers are shopping with us there because they can purchase all of the things on their list like natural foods, or the convenience of a pharmacy or a hot meal from the deli department. And with these smaller stores, because of their location we just can’t provide all of those products that our customers are looking for.”

Lowrie says there are nearby alternatives for Dillons shoppers who frequent the closing stores.

"With these two store locations in mind, at 13th and Woodlawn we have three locations and a KwikShop that are within a mile or three miles. For our store over on Harry and Broadway, we’ve got several locations including a brand new store that we recently built at Harry and Edgemoor.”

No layoffs are expected. Employees from both stores will be placed at neighboring locations and Kwik Shops or throughout the Dillons Company.