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Topeka Pizza Hut Employees Join National Walkout

Employees of a Pizza Hut in Topeka joined the national strike to seek higher wages and union protection for fast-food workers.

Eight workers gathered outside the restaurant before the lunch hour, chanting and holding up handwritten signs.

Delivery driver Joseph Cordero has worked in the restaurant for a year and a half; he says the $7.25 an hour he earns isn't enough to pay for gas or college costs, even with tips. The Topeka strike was part of a nationwide day of demonstrations in more than 60 cities.

There were no strikes scheduled in Wichita, but workers in Kansas City held one.

The strikers want the pay of $15 an hour, which is more than double the current federal minimum wage.

Several union organizers joined the workers in Topeka.

The employees were asked by the manager to move to the street to conduct their protest.